Street Fighter Movie Poster

The US poster of Street Fighter The Legend of Chun-Li was rather bland. But this latest international Street Fighter is much more appealing:

Street-Fighter Movie

(Click on the poster to enlarge it.)

Street Fighter Chun-Li- Kristin kreukSTREET FIGHTER THE LEGEND OF CHUN LI

Her strength, her fury, her vengeance will become legend!

They could still make a better poster, but this one is already a good draft. One thing to correct asap though: Kristin Kreuk is pretty, Chun-Li herself is said pretty, so how the hell did they mange to make Kristin Kreuk look like a zombie on this poster of Street Fighter The Legend of Chun Li? Come on, show how pretty she is! Pretty does not mean weak when we’re talking about Chun-Li, just think about her Hundred Rending Kicks or about her Qiqong!

Hundred Rendering KicksQiqong - Chun-Li


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  1. Vesna

    She looks pretty to me. ;)

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