Sucker Punch Film Trailer

Sucker Punch MovieYet a new movie trailer of Sucker Punch:

Sucker Punch Trailer

Sucker Punch

Do you think Sucker Punch will be a huge hit? Or is too extravagant to interest a large public?

5 Responses - “Sucker Punch Film Trailer”

  1. Filmetric

    trailer revealed too much

  2. Quinzel

    After that then im not even going to watch that trailer ^^

    I’m really looking forward to this but on the whole, i don’t think it will be some massive blockbuster or anything o.O

    It’s visually orgasmic but i can almost see it going down the route that Watchmen did… Everyone will rave about it for a week or so, then it will slip into the cult vaults :)

  3. darkxxxero

    if you love an alternate reality and coll visual effects then you would be a sucker to miss this movie @_@

  4. Crystal

    Too messy. I do prefer the other trailers.

  5. tree23

    Hey what was wrong with Wathchmen. It was a great movie. This movie looks even better o.o. The effects are AMAZING! It’s like a mixture of steam punk and fantasy with the dragon and katanas. I can only imainge the plot will be just as good as the art work. One more month for more epicness!

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