Summer Camp Movie Trailer

Check out the official trailer of Summer Camp, the upcoming horror thriller movie directed by Alberto Marini based on a script he co-wrote with Danielle Schleif and starring Diego Boneta, Jocelin Donahue, Maiara Walsh, and Andres Velencoso:


Prepare yourself for an unforgettable camp experience.

From one of the producers of [REC], Anabelle, and The Conjuring

Plot synopsis:
“Summer Camp takes the spectator on an adrenaline filled roller coaster ride in this
innovative cat-and-mouse twist on the classic horror set-up of a group of teens alone in the woods.
Looking for fun and new experiences as counselors at a camp in Europe, four young Americans never suspect that their first summer abroad could be their last. The rapid fire spread of an extreme rage inducing infection plunges the group into a dark vortex of horror and madness and catapults them into a race against time —And each other— to find the source of the infection and make it out alive. Welcome to Summer Camp.”

I knew dog bites could be very dangerous, but I didn’t know they could turn people into blood-drooling maniacs aka zombies! Dog isn’t man’s best friend after all…

Anyway, here’s an international poster:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

Jaume Balaguero presents:


The release date of the movie Summer Camp is set to March 18, 2016 (in select theaters).

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