Survival of the Dead Movie

Survival of the Dead MovieThe world could end in a cataclysmic apocalypse in 2012, but if it doesn’t then it will civilization shall fall because of an apocalyptical zombie plague, like in Survival of the Dead, George Romero’s latest zombie movie (formerly known as George A. Romero’s Island of the Dead, …Of the Dead or Island of the Dead).

Update: Here’s the first Survival of the Dead trailer:


Here below the first movie pictures of Survival of the Dead:

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“In a world where the dead rise to menace the living, rogue soldier Crocket (Alan Van Sprang) leads a band of military dropouts to refuge from the endless chaos. As they search for a place ‘ where the shit won ’ t get you, ‘ they meet banished patriarch Patrick O ’ Flynn (played with zeal by Kenneth Welsh), who promises a new Eden on the fishing and ranching outpost Plum Island. The men arrive, only to find themselves caught in an age-old battle between O ’ Flynn ’ s family and rival clan the Muldoons. It turns out that Patrick was expelled from the isle for believing that the only good zombie is a dead zombie, while the Muldoons think it ’ s wrong to dispatch afflicted loved ones, attempting to look after their undead kinfolk until a cure is found. But their bid for stability on the homestead has turned perverse: the undead are chained inside their homes, pretending to live normal lives – and the consequences are bloody. A desperate struggle for survival will determine whether the living and the dead can coexist.”

The only way to get rid of a zombie plague would be to nuke the contaminated areas. Taking care of the zombies, like this family does in the movie Survival of the Dead, would just hasten the end of Mankind because zombies are irrationally nasty!

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