Sweet Virginia Movie starring Jon Bernthal

There’s a new series of pictures for Sweet Virginia, the upcoming drama thriller movie directed by Jamie M. Dagg and starring Jon Bernthal:

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Sweet Virginia MovieSweet Virginia Jon Bernthal

Plot synopsis:
“A burglary-homicide rattles the residents of a small Alaska town, in particular two women made widows by the crime and their mutual friend, Sam (Jon Bernthal), the proprietor of the local motor lodge. Sam is an outsider himself, a former rodeo champ all-too-happy to leave the jolt and violence of the ring behind. So when his guests prove unruly or a stranger reaches out to him, reluctance is his natural response. As secrets are revealed, violence increases, and the people in town act more unhinged, his hesitancy—and his willingness to move past it—becomes the lynchpin for his survival.”

Jon Bernthal isn’t a teddy bear, he’s the ultimate Punisher so don’t mess with him!

Besides Jon Bernthal, the cast also includes Christopher Abbott, Imogen Poots, Odessa Young, and Rosemarie Dewitt.

Still no official release date.

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