Tainted Movie trailer

Tainted MovieCheck out the first official trailer of Tainted, the upcoming crime drama movie written and directed by Brent Cote and starring Alan Van Sprang, John Rhys Davies, Sara Waisglass, John Ralston, Aaron Poole, and Lina Rossler:

Plot synopsis:
“A reformed neo-Nazi is released from jail and is offered an olive branch from the Russian mob who put him in prison. His mission goes aery and his path for redemption lies in the fate of an innocent songstress.”

There’s also a film poster, take a look below:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

Tainted Movie Poster

Vengeance gets paid in blood.

The release date of the movie Tainted is set to June 16, 2020.

Stay tuned with us for more details.

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