Taken Movie

Liam Neeson in action movie TAKENThe action movie Taken, directed by Pierre Morel based on a script by Luc Besson and starring Liam Neeson in the lead role, is opening this Friday 30th. Take a look to this final trailer of Taken:

Taken Final Trailer

That’s a damn good action movie, damn worth seeing I think. If you are a daddy with kids, especially if you have a daughter, and that you love action movies, go see the movie Taken in the nearest theater!

9 Responses - “Taken Movie”

  1. caps369

    Dude this movie came out soooo long ago i have a copy and it was in Australia stores last month on DVD ..

    caps out

    ps proof on amazon uk

  2. Teaser Trailer

    Yep, foreign movies usually take time before reaching U.S. shores…

    It’s also a bigger risk to release a foreign movie than an American production for Hollywood distributors, so they get cold feet sometimes.

    But fortunately for Taken, its theatrical release was just postponed (and not canceled).

  3. caps369

    wow i really would think that something that came to australia about 6 months and has hit the the stores in uk and aus would hit the us first… Now don’t want to give to much away but this will have you on the edge of your seat… Caps out ps keep up the good work i found this site through youtube and it’s been on the money everytime i visited!

  4. coffee

    the plot of Taken is refreshingly simple: “Liam Neeson is gonna beat down some people till he gets his daughter back…”

  5. Mike

    To my surprise it delivered. It was a very entertaining movie with nice action over a thin plot

  6. Vijaya

    Me to mike… it’s entertaining and no bad at all… can see and not bored…
    ok, anyway, GILRS please be careful !
    Good day every body !

  7. felina

    very nice movie…i love it..

  8. Alexie Almohallas

    i love that movie for me it is a 5 star

  9. wayne

    Any release date yet for the DVD?