Tar Movie

Tar is an upcoming drama movie about the life and work of poet C.K. Williams. The film produced by James FRanco and written and directed by twelve New York University film students Edna Luise Biesold, Sarah-Violet Bliss, Gabrielle Demeestere, Alexis Gambis, Shruti Ganguly, Brooke Goldfinch, Shripriya Mahesh, Pamela Romanowsky, Bruce Thierry Cheung,Tine Thomasen, Virginia Urreiztieta and Omar ZĂșñiga Hidalgo. The cast of Tar can boast James Franco, Henry Hopper, Mila Kunis, and Jessica Chastain. Here’s the first official poster of Tar:

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One man, one life. A thousand memories.

“The different parts of Pulitzer Prize winner C.K. Williams’ life told through his poems. Flashbacks of his childhood, his teens, college years, to when he meets and marries his wife, Catherine (Mila Kunis) and the birth of his children and parenthood. The film is narrated by different versions of Williams (James Franco, Henry Hopper, Jordan March, Zachary Unger), depicting the different aspects of Williams through the years.”

James Franco talks about the film in this video (thanks to Ain’t It Cool TV):

James Franco Talks Tar
He explains the unique filmmaking process that his NYU students used to create the feature and how he put the project together.

Did you know that James Franco is teaching a film production class?

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