Taylor Lautner Jacob New Moon Movie

Team Jacob must be happy: Taylor Lautner has been confirmed in his role as Jacob Black in the movie New Moon.

The news of Taylor being replaced by Michael Copon caused such an uproar that Summit Entertainment prefers to play it safe and switch back to Taylor who originally played the role of Jacob, Bella’s friend in the movie Twilight.

New Moon Taylor Lautner as Jacob the Werewolf

But Taylor will have to work out his body for New Moon: in New Moon Jacob is supposed to be much taller and stronger, he is becoming a werewolf after all. So Taylor Lautner will not have a rest for a while!

Below Director Chris Weitz confirming Taylor as Jacob:

Chris Weitz

“[…] I’m very happy to announce that Taylor Lautner will be playing Jacob Black in New Moon and that he’s doing so with the enthusiastic support of Summit Entertainment, the producers, and Stephenie Meyer.

The characters in Stephenie’s books go through extraordinary changes of circumstance and also appearance; so it is not surprising that there has been speculation about whether the same actor would portray a character who changes in so many surprising ways throughout the series. But it was my first instinct that Taylor was, is, and should be Jacob, and that the books would be best served by the actor who is emotionally right for the part. I think that fans of Twilight the book and the movie will be surprised by the Jacob Black that Taylor will bring to the screen in New Moon; and I’m looking forward to working with him and the rest of the cast in realizing the film.[…]”

Chris Weitz, Director of the movie New Moon

And also Stephenie Meyer showing her support to the decision:

Stephenie Meyer

“I’d just like to add that I was very much a part of this decision. My first priority was always what was best for New Moon—what was going to give us the best possible movie. I’m truly thrilled that Taylor was the one who proved to the director, to Summit, and to me that he is the best possible Jacob we could have. And I’m very much looking forward to seeing what he’s going to bring to Jacob’s character this year.”

Stephenie Meyer

So Taylor Lautner will keep his role as Jacob Black in the upcoming movie New Moon. Are you thrilled by this confirmation? Why is it so important for you that Taylor keeps his role as Jacob?


25 Responses - “Taylor Lautner Jacob New Moon Movie”

  1. atrayah

    I am thrilled Taylor is remaining as Jacob in new moon. Excellent news!

  2. ralu_bella_TL

    GREAT! (It’s all I have to say)

  3. rachael

    I am so glad they decided to keep taylor as Jacob!! I mean come on look at him!! He is gorgeous!!

  4. anonim

    i think that they should change taylor and put steven strait because jacob in new moon change dramatically and steven strait is like the jacob black on new moon really i think thet that will be the best choose for the new moon movie

  5. Annie

    Perfect choice. How could a 25 year old as perfectly play the first love emotions that race through Jacob for the next two movies? I can’t imagine we would have believed it for a moment. It’s not ALL about his physicality. It’s about where the actor is in relation to his role. And this is DEFINITELY Taylor’s role. I am so glad they came to their senses over the whole thing!

    I can’t wait to see the next installment!

  6. Lori

    Taylor is HOT!! I’d cuddle up with him in a sleeping bag any day! hehe

  7. Jasmine

    I think that it is great that they kept him as Jacob Black. He is clearly the perfect choice. =]

  8. Wendy

    I’m so glad Taylor will play Jacob.

  9. Cutie Corrie

    I am so super happy! I love Taylor as Jacob and think he is best for the part but I’m a little jealous of Kristen now!

  10. kemper's baby

    I think that Taylor is not ready to be Jacob. I just don’t like Taylor as an actor so anyone would be better then him. Sorry for the people who do but that’s the way I feel.

  11. Linny

    I think Taylor should definitely play Jacob Black! He makes it perfect!
    : ]

  12. courtney

    I totally think that Taylor is great he is the best Jacob Black. Michal would not fit. Great Choice people

  13. Shelby

    yea Taylor gained so far a total of 26 pounds ( 4 more to go!) and OMG he’s ripped! He’s so hot!

  14. amber

    I think they should pick someone older and bigger to stay true to the books, not to mention, I can’t stand Taylor Lautner. He’s cocky and not that cute anyway…

  15. sara

    I really seriously don’t care I’m Team Edward to the end

  16. delanie

    i think it was a great choice to keep him i mean come on he even looks like a werewolf with those teeth of his and he is so hot!

  17. Kiki

    I absolutely love taylor he’s hot and would do a great job in the jacob role just because he’s a good actor… i’m still a little upset because kristen gets him though lol ^-^

  18. ivy lori

    well happy to hear the good news, i think he is great for the role and come on is still 15 in the book his babya face is gonna do it all

  19. pollen

    im team jacob<3
    he’s perfect but how he’s gonna get taller as in the book

  20. Chloe

    OMG! i am like IN LOVE with Jacob ! the way the book describes him ! ohh mee! i wouldn’t be pushing him of when he kisses me like bella:O , what a BABE :D x

  21. ms.32

    Jacob in twilight are not really match with the character in his role! when I watch new moon trailer,the character are more match! taylor are not match with the character of jacob! one more he is not match with bella

  22. ari

    i love taylor he has to play jacob the moive won’t go on without him
    i just read new moon and i loved it
    i’m team edward but after reading the book i was turned on by jacob so taylor really sutes to part
    if taylor doesn’t play the part i will be pissed and it will ruin to movie
    ps still ed team but i love you jake

  23. charl

    So glad Taylor is playing Jacob after all he is the best. No offense to peps that don’t like him.

  24. Amy

    I am so happy taylor is still going to be Jacob Black i was going to start crying when i found out that Michael Copon might play Jacob, but of course my babe Taylor is going to still be Jacob, and i can’t wait until Jacob cuts his hair. I love New Moon!

  25. dilem

    Jacob black in twilight doesn’t look like jacob black in new moon.what’s
    the reason? Jacob in new moon is more handsome that’s right but it doesn’t matter anyway taylor lautner is the best jacob they can ever find. I wish we would see him as Jake.