Terminator 5 Release Date – The first of a new trilogy!

I guess you’ve already heard about the upcoming Terminator 5 movie that’s set to star Arnold Schwarzenegger. Well, we now have an official release date: the film is set to hit theaters on June 26, 2015.

Terminator 5 Film Trailer

Laeta Kalorgridis (‘Avatar’, ‘Shutter Island’) and Patrick Lussier (‘Drive Angry’) are in charge of the script.

Terminator 5 should be the first of a new trilogy. Unfortunately, it’s not clear yet, if the film is set within the same -twisted- timeline as the previous movies or if the film is a real reboot.

According to the online rumor, this new Terminator movie could be set in the 1950’s, with Skynet and its robots trying to kill Sarah Connor’s parents. Arnold Schwarzenegger would play a human who tries to protect the family from the Terminators.

Well, no need to overspeculate, let’s wait for an official plot.

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