Terminator 6 Movie

Terminator 6 Movie - The sequel to Terminator GenisysSounds like there’s a new Terminator movie ahead of us! Terminator 5 aka Terminator Genisys was supposed to the first film in a new trilogy. But the plan was put on hold because of the film’s rather disappointing domestic performance and negative reviews from critics. Fortunately the film performed well abroad. So far, the film grossed indeed $440 million worldwide for a $115 million production budget.

Paramount hasn’t yet officially given the green light to Terminator 6, but Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger just stated in an interview broadcast on Australia’s Channel 9 that a new Terminator sequel will happen and that he’s absolutely looking forward to it.

Besides North American rights to the Terminator franchise will revert to James Cameron in 2019. So that’s possibly an additional incentive for the studio not to wait too long.

So yep, I think there’s hope for Terminator 6!

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie Terminator 6!

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