That’s Awesome! Luke Cage Trailer

Luke Cage MovieIsaiah Mustafa, the pitchman from that funny ad for Old Spice, is yearning to play the role of the black superhero Luke Cage in a movie. So he created (with official help?) a “fake” trailer to woo the studios:

Luke Cage Trailer

Isaiah Mustafa is LUKE CAGE

What do you think of Isaiah Mustafa as Luke Cage?

Our Facebook follower Kevin came up with this funny parody:

“Well hello ladies. Look at your superhero. Now back to me, then back to him. Now back to me. Sadly, he’s not me. But if he uses radioactive old spice he can be a mutant like me!”

Parody by Kevin

Here’s the original old spice commercial:

Old Spice – The man your man could smell like

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