That’s Awesome – The Simpsons with real actors!

The opening sequence of The Simpsons, the cult animated TV show, with real actors:


The Simpsons is an animated sitcom about the antics of a dysfunctional family called the Simpsons (surprise surprise). Homer is the oafish unhealthy beer loving father, Marge is the hardworking homemaker wife, Bart is the ten year old underachiever (and proud of it), Lisa is the unappreciated eight year old genius, and Maggie is the cute, pacifier loving silent infant.

The video was created by UK advertising agency Devilfish as a promo for the show on Sky One.

What do you think of this real-life recreation of the opening sequence of the Simpsons? Awesome, ins’t it?

“That’s Awesome!” is our special feature in which, once in a while, we try to highlight interesting stuffs we saw here and there.

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