The Avengers New Movie Marvel In 2012

AvengersIf you love comic book superheroes like I do then 2012 is gonna be a crazy year for you too: our Marvel superheroes will assemble for the mythic Avengers Initiative under the impulse of Nick Fury.

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Avengers Movie In 2012

Any idea about the super villains the Avengers will have to confront?

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  1. edge

    I can’t wait. I think the villain will start out as the Hulk then end up to be Thor’s brother… if they kind of follow the old avengers.

  2. Teaser Trailer

    I didn’t think about it yet, but now that you mention it edge, Loki, Thor’s brother, would be a nice plot trick to explain why Bruce Banner would become the enemy in the Avengers movie.

    Loki can indeed influence people.

  3. Duez

    Oh! It’s cool! But I don’t know if this movie will be very good. The Avengers are mythical!

  4. Calvert Palmer

    The Avengers movie should be great. However, I believe that Antman/Giantman and the Wasp should be included in the story. It should be noted that it was Antman’s suggestion that the qroup should be formed in Avenger #1. The unlikely combination of a married couple, norse god, mechanized suit and american icon gave this group it’s unique appeal. The Hulk was only a short term member and was often the villian the qroup fought against in many stories.

  5. devinpanthers26

    I think there will be an alien invasion for the film’s villain and the hulk sounds pretty cool as another villain in the movie like the cartoon ULTIMATE AVENGERS movie.

  6. tysonJS17

    Im almost positive they found a person to play Loki either he is in Avengers or the Thor movie maybe both idk….thought id let you know

  7. viktor

    Hope Spider-man is in the movie

  8. Cross

    Honestly I don’t think the villain will be the Hulk. If you paid attention at the end of the Incredible Hulk movie, Banner was trying to focus on controlling the Hulk since he couldn’t get rid of it. So most likely it seems they are heading that direction with Hulk.
    Only way I could honestly see him losing it is if Betty gets hurt. So there might be a short moment where he loses control, but he’ll show up at the end of the movie to save the day as always cause every single Hulk writer has him win every fight he’s ever in…… it’s annoying.

    Oh another thing, I kinda doubt for the first movie that we’ll see Spidey or Wolverine. That would be the New Avengers. Would hafta add too many characters. Which would be great don’t get me wrong, any movie without Antman/Giantman would be awesome….. He’s nothing but a giant wussy anyways. Someone barely taps him on the knee and he’s out of the fight cryin’ like a little school-girl.But they’d hafta add Spiderwoman, Luke Cage (Which would rock so hard), Ronin, and of course The Sentry (omfg yes please, love The Sentry). And if they did that, there would be no Hulk, or Thor.

    But most likely (Judging from the way they’ve been doing these marvel movies lately) They’ll go back to the beginning so all we’ll see is Ironman, Thor, Antgirl, Wasp, Hulk, and good ol’ Captain America. Which in itself should be a rockin’ movie my friends.

  9. yates

    I hope this movie is kick ass I am going to see first day it comes out Iron man, thor , hulk, cap, and other superheroes got to be summers best blockbuster of 2011.

  10. Josh

    First of all did you guys even watch the movies? Bruce Banner was getting CONTROL over the hulk and Tony Stark is working with Nick Fury to put together a team. So stop trying to guess what the movies villains and plot will be and use facts.

  11. Raven_of_Might

    I haven’t seen any movie advertisements for antman, or the wasp, or giant guy =/ Maybe they will introduce them straight up in the movie itself? Because honestly a movie just featuring them… would be pretty weak xD
    But unless that is the case, it might be that they do have spiderman (god I hope not Tobey Maguire or however you spell it made his character way to emo by the end -_-) and maybe Hugh Jackman as wolverine up in it too. I think its a strong possibility. But I guess we’ll see =]

  12. oh 1zero1

    Antman/Giantman has the “Robin” effect going on so it would be better if they left him out. Not totally though….they could have him play his non-superhero self as Dr. Henry Pym.

    Also, it would be great if the hulk was the villain……then they could go right into the PLANET HULK sequel. (to make up for the debauched animated planet hulk)

  13. Murphy

    You probably won’t see spider-man and wolverine in the same movie. Sony owns spider-man and wolverine is owned by Fox so i doubt they are going to be so easy to give up the rights to be in this movie.