The Box Movie

The Box is an upcoming thriller movie directed by Richard Kelly and starring Cameron Diaz and James Marsden and Frank Langella. Here’s an international poster of the BOx, it comes to us from France:

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The Box

“The film is set in Richmond, Virginia in the year 1976. One night, a financially strapped, married couple (Diaz and Marsden) receive a box containing a button. The next morning a mysterious disfigured stranger (Frank Langella), tells them that pushing the button on the box will have two consequences. First, someone in the world who they don’t know will die. Second, they will receive $1,000,000.”

Director Richard Kelly said about The Box:

Director Richard Kelly

“My hope is to make a film that is incredibly suspenseful and broadly commercial, while still retaining my artistic sensibility.”

Director Richard Kelly

He had an ambitious goal. But not sure Cameron Diaz was the ideal actress for the role… She looks too innocent… I mean, even if she does press the button, and kill someone by doing so, we would forgive her because of her lovely face…

2 Responses - “The Box Movie”

  1. Moe

    Wait … I’ve seen this plot before on some crumby old TV show before. Amazing stories, tales from the dark side or something. After she pushes the button the man picks up the box and takes it somewhere else… when they push it, the last one to have it dies.

  2. Judas

    I have seen this before: It was the 80’s version of the Twilight Zone. In it, they push the button, and the disfigured man arrives with the money, assuring them that the next person who pushes the button will be someone they have never met: implying that they killed the last person who pushed the button and that they will live as long as the next person doesn’t push the button.