The Cobbler Movie Trailer

Thanks to Voltage Pictures, here’s the first official trailer of The Cobbler, the upcoming fantasy comedy movie directed by Tom McCarthy and starring Adam Sandler, Lynn Cohen, Dan Stevens, Dustin Hoffman, Steve Buscemi, Method Man, Ellen Barkin, and Melonie Diaz:

“Actor Adam Sandler plays a 4th generation shoe-maker who discovers a magical sewing machine in his father’s basement that allows him to transform into other people by wearing their shoes.
A perfect vehicle for Sandler to exhibit his endearing and selfless boyish charm, taking him on a voyage of self-discovery and learning the importance of family via the magic of walking a mile in another man’s shoes. A journey that results not only in changing himself, but the world around him.”

Would you have been into that shower? Or like Adam Sandler’s character would you have refused to get in?

Anyway sign me up for The Cobbler!

No official release date yet.

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