The Croods 2 Movie

Dreamworks is planning a a sequel to the 2013 adventure animated movie The Croods. The first film grossed more than $587 for a $135 million budget: yep, a juicy profit here! So one can understand why Dreamworks wants to compound the success of the first film and build a full-fledged franchise.

Here’s the trailer of the first Croods movie:


Co-writers and directors Kirk De Micco and Chris Sanders will return to helm the sequel. They’re currently working on the script. We don’t k now yet if the voice cast will return.

The release date of The Croods 2 is tentatively set to November 3, 2017.

Do you have any suggestion regarding the plot of The Croods 2? Share your thoughts below!

Anyway, stay tuned with us for more details about The Croods 2!

6 Responses - “The Croods 2 Movie”

  1. Ashley

    I think they should have the Croods find more people in this next movie and of course new animals and maybe become a little more civilized like building somewhat of a “flintstone” house. Just really cool stuff like that. The first one was awesome and most sequels are really bad but I have a lot of faith in DreamWorks. Hope its great and I can’t wait to see it

    • Jade Fischer

      Addition to this idea is that there is a rival tribe. If you notice at the end everyone is wearing the 2 slash markings that Guy has maybe as a symbol for their tribe. But the rival tribe is comprised of Guys relatives because they were smart enough to get to the beach also. The elder of the tribe (Guy’s Grandma) finds out that Guy is alive after she heard that the Rival tribe has the 2 slash marks (Guy’s family symbol). She thought Guy had died in the tar pits. All isnt great because she doesnt approve of the cavemen that Guy is with but through some adversity lessons the other tribe comes around. There could also be the romance between Thunk and the rivals oppisite teen. Her name would have to be a play on words like guys.

      • Ashley

        @Jade Fisher: I am loving your story line Jade! Except, at first Guy’s family believe that he is being held against his will by the cavemen. Strike the romance for Thunk. Sequals always lose me when they try to throw too much romance into the mix. Stick with the growing love between Eep and Guy because the animosity between Guy and Grug is hilariously relate-able for all grown daughters and dads. Maybe have an old guy (no pun intended) from Guy’s family for Grandma to have some comedic relief adventures with. Oh, and a special scene where Sandy, not only speaks for the first time, but says something insanely intelligent.

  2. Rosie brenes

    I think they should have the Croods set on another adventure this time to find/recruit other stray families and help them build a better tomorrow together. It could be Guy’s idea to want to help others who are lost. On the way they find a caveman and his younger “siblings” maybe human girl like Guy.  She can be around thunks age, also a little boy or girl around Sandy’s age. Though not biologically family they were brought together around “The End” as both parties were separated from their parents. Also maybe some romance between her and Thunk. Along the way and some rivalry between the babies for attention. So once again the Croods learn new lessons on friendship, love, sharing,  and teaching others how to open their hearts and work together. How much can be accomplished united building a better tomorrow.  Maybe at the end or in the next movie they can search for their new friends parents or find them at the end. It could be called Croods: Village of tomorrow or : Building Tomorrow…..Or Croods: Search and Rescue, or even :Saving tomorrow so many possibilities. I am sure whatever you guys do will be amazing but it would be nice to meet new characters and also and see how current Characters are developing and pushing their limits to do great things.

  3. Lauren Sonley

    I think there should definitely be more dating between Guy and Eep. Or another cave boy/girl comes along and Eep or Guy is jealous. But new cavie is actually gay! … Maybe they should find more cavemen and the croods have to save them. (Build houses and become more adventurous. New animals brought onto the scene.) … Maybe Eep and Guy go off on their own and uncover something dangerous. Or they get lost and a rescue mission is set up for them! … The possibilities are endless! I can’t wait for Croods 2!!

  4. Brooke

    Eep and Guy should have a baby!