The Croods – Guy and his sloth

Those two new character posters of The Croods, the upcoming adventure animated movie from Dreamworks Animation, feature Guy and his sloth pet named Belt:

Trailer of The Croods

(Click on a poster to enlarge.)

A description of Guy (voiced by Ryan Reynolds):

“Hi, I’m Guy. You might say I like to travel. In fact, I’ve been walking alone since I was a little kid. The alone time gives me lots of time to think. Like wondering where the rain comes from and where do the suns go to sleep at night. Besides hanging out with my best friend, my pet sloth, Belt, I like coming up with ideas and inventing things. I also like hanging out with the Croods, except for the times when Eep’s Dad tries to kill me.”

Guy doesn’t have much brawn but he knows how to use his brain, and he got a perfect utility belt!

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