The Expendables 3 Movie – Nicolas Cage will join Sylvester Stallone’s action movie franchise!

The Expendables 3 MovieSylvester Stallone revealed via his official facebook page that Actor Nicolas Cage will star in The Expendables 3:

The Expendables 3 Movie Trailer

We are preparing the film with the same passion and commitment as the previous two. We have confirmed Nicolas Cage, a master actor who gives a veneer intellectual group. Hopefully we can realize to Harrison Ford, Wesley Snipes and Mickey Rourke. That is the great mission of the producer. We will continue with the same narrative scheme, the agility and the frenzy, which are inherent to the saga. What will definitely be the last? I can not guarantee. In principle it would be two deliveries, but the affection of the people encouraged us to work on a third. I guess as long as we amused ourselves by offering fun and people, we can continue playing ‘The Expendables’. For now we are not as expendable as it should and as some critics want.

Sly Stallone

Should Nicolas Cage be a friend or a foe of the Expendables team? What do you think? Share your thoughts below!

9 Responses - “The Expendables 3 Movie – Nicolas Cage will join Sylvester Stallone’s action movie franchise!”

  1. taylor

    i mean i have nothing against nic cage i loved and sitlll owned some of his movies but on expendables 3 what is he going to play a good guy or bad lol

  2. Mr.Sick

    He should play a “bad” guy who is actully a good guy (Undercover agent, something like that) but gets killed by the Expendables before he or anyone else can tell about his real identity. That would be cheese enough for a movie like that i guess^^

  3. taylor

    well i heard just now it was just a rumour

  4. heather

    He should be a good guy, as one of the expendables

  5. Film Fan

    how about Kurt Russel,Stephen Seagull,Carl Weathers, and Kate Beckinsale.

  6. taylor

    look the thing is they did ask steven seagal he refused they put jean claude vandamme on the sequel instead but since nicolas cage wont on expendables 3 thank god i only heard that jackie chan will be on expendables 3

  7. Kelly

    Nic Cage would be cool in whatever role. He’s a good actor. Van Damme played a good bad guy in EX2 but I hope Cameo’s such as Chuck Norris’ roles are kept to a minimum. I like a good continuous movie and while some tongue in cheek is ok, (eg. Arnie’s quips)I like solid characters better.