The Fantastic Four Movie

A plot synopsis of The Fantastic Four, the upcoming reboot movie directed by Josh Trank (who helmed Chronicle), has surfaced online via the site “Acting Auditions”, check it out below:

“Following an event, two very young friends, Reed Richards and Ben Grimm, find themselves empowered with bizarre new abilities. Reed becomes a scientific genius who can stretch, twist and re-shape his body to inhuman proportions. Ben becomes a monstrous, craggy humanoid with orange, rock-like skin and super-strength. However, the two end up being owned by the government and used as weapons. But after they mature, two others with powers come into the picture – Sue Storm aka the Invisible Girl and Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch.”

The cast hasn’t been officially announced yet. But we heard that actor Michael B. Jordan will play the role of Johnny Storm.

Anyway, the reboot is rather welcome because the previous Fantastic Four movie wasn’t that great to be honest… And with Josh Trank helming the reboot, there’s hope for a damn great reboot!

The release date of The Fantastic Four is set to June 19, 2015.

Anyway, stay tuned with us for more details about The Fantastic Four movie.

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