The Final Destination Clips

Those two TV clips of The Final Destination, aka Final Destination 4, promise plenty of scary premonitions and lot of action ahead:

Final Destination 4 TV Spot


On August 28th

Death saved the best for 3D


On August 28th

Get ready

for the ultimated 3-D Trip!

If you think the Grim Reaper is after you then don’t panic: according to a recent study a low-calorie diet is likely to extend your lifespan! Well, at least it works for Monkeys?. So to postpone your arrival at the final destination, don’t forget that calorie restriction could help you!

One Response - “The Final Destination Clips”

  1. Iszaham

    I can’t wait to watch this next installment of Final Destination, the last three films didn’t disappointed me at all indeed. This is the teenager-death-movie I’ve been wait from all times. The clips were amazingly exciting. Surely this is going to be bigger than the last three Final Destination movies.