The Fits Movie

Take a look to the first official pictures of The Fits, the upcoming drama movie written and directed by Ana Rose Holmer and starring Royalty Hightower, Alexis Neblett, Da’Sean Minor, Lauren Gibson, Makyla Burnam, and Inayah Rodgers:

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The Fits movieThe Fits Movie - Sundance

Plot synopsis:
“Toni, an 11-year-old tomboy, trains as a boxer with her brother at a rec center in Cincinnatiā€™s West End, but becomes fascinated by the dance drill team that also practices there. Drawn to their strength and confidence, Toni eventually joins the group, tirelessly rehearsing the routines, befriending some of the girls, and even piercing her ears to fit in. But when members of the tight-knit group start experiencing mysterious fits of shaking and fainting, Toniā€™s desire for acceptance becomes complicated.”

What do they mean with “mysterious fits of shaking and fainting”? Is there some contagious disease behind it or just hysteria? What do you think?

The film has yet to get an official release date.

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