The Hatton Garden Job Movie Trailer

The Hatton Garden Job MovieWe’ve got our hand son the first official trailer of The Hatton Garden Job, the upcoming British crime drama movie directed by Ronnie Thompson based on a script he co-wrote with Ray Bogdanovich and Dean Lines and starring Matthew Goode, Larry Lamb, Phil Daniels, Mark Harris, Joely Richardson, David Calder, Clive Russell, and Stephen Moyer:

Plot synopsis:
“A remarkable true story set over one long Easter weekend; THE HATTON GARDEN JOB follows four ageing East End criminals – led by 76 year-old Brian Reader – and one mystery man who pull off the largest heist in English legal history. With everyone from the Hungarian mob to Scotland Yard on their tail, these old-school – and just plain old – villains set about achieving the seemingly impossible, drilling into a steel-and-concrete secured safety deposit vault in London’s well-to-do Hatton Garden jewellery quarter. But will they commit the crime of the century or pay with their lives?
The crime romp of the year, THE HATTON GARDEN JOB proves once and for all that crime doesn’t pay when you’re on a pension.”

Will they die in a blaze of glory? Or will they manage to get away with the money? What do you think?

The release date of the movie The Hatton Garden Job is set to April 14, 2017 in the UK.

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