The Joneses Movie Trailer

The Joneses MovieThe Joneses is an upcoming comedy movie written and directed by Derrick Borte. The story revolves around a seemingly perfect family, but the Joneses are actually a bunch of dedicated scammers. It is starring David Duchovny, Demi Moore, Amber Heard, Gary Cole, Chris Williams, Lauren Hutton, and Glenne Headly . Here’s the first official movie trailer of The Joneses:

“Demi Moore and David Duchovny star as a seemingly perfect couple who, along with their equally perfect teenagers — Amber Heard (“Zombieland,” “Pineapple Express”) and Ben Hollingsworth (“The Beautiful Life”) — move into an upscale gated community. The Joneses have better goods and game than any other family in town. The only problem is they’re not a family -they are employees of a stealth marketing organization, and they know how to make everyone else want what they’ve got.”

I doubt that in the move Joneses David Duchovny will be as interesting as in the TV series Californication. But Demi Moore make for an appealing duo. So I won’t miss the Joneses movie!

2 Responses - “The Joneses Movie Trailer”

  1. Lara Reynolds

    I am really looking forward to this movie.
    I love David Duchovny!
    The music sounds great. Does anyone know who it is?

  2. Susan Jenkins

    The song Yeah Yeah Yeah by the Virginia-based group My Radio, appears in the movie The Joneses, as well as the trailer. The Joneses stars David Duchovny, Demi Moore, and Amber Heard.
    The song is from the 2009 release Give Us The Sun.