The Lady Movie

The Lady movieDirector Luc Besson is working on The Lady, a movie about the life of Burmese pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi. The film is starring Michelle Yeoh and David Thewlis. Here’s a first look at The Lady:

The Lady Trailer

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“The film will chart her remarkable journey from housewife bringing up her children in Oxford to taking on the power of Burma’s generals by becoming opposition leader.
It will be set between 1988 – when Aung San Suu Kyi left Oxford to visit her sick mother and ended up staying – and 1999, the year Aris died after being diagnosed with cancer. Aris had been forbidden from entering Burma, a decision that left Aung San Suu Kyi with the almost impossible decision of whether to stay or go”

I’m no fan of Aung San Suu Kyi: I think people who supported her and the embargo over the year were blind to Burma’s plight and just made it heavier… But I’ll still go watch The Lady because I’m definitely fan of Luc Besson and Michelle Yeoh.

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  1. xino

    oh so because Jet li star in ocean’s heaven, she too wants to perform a loving similar role.

    I love Michelle and Jet Li, they are great partners, I love it more when Jet makes a movie and she stars in it or is a guest person.

  2. G. Chin

    Nice bit of Western Propaganda!

    Why don’t the West concertrate more on their own problems as opposed to sticking their nose where they don’t belong…

    • The West

      The “West” did not make the movie but rather the director, he do not care where he stick his nose as long as he makes money. They don’t care about your problem or the West’s problem… as long as it generated enough interest to get most revenue then they will make the movie.

  3. nyotun

    I admire Aung San Su Kyi and very proud of her.

  4. Linn

    I am waiting for the movie, when can we see the Lady movie in singapore?

  5. Aren

    In regards to G Chin’s comment above, I find it troubling that the politics of a country KNOWN for it’s brutality, cruelty, torture and inhumanity towards it’s own people should be dismissed by such a flippant comment. While it may be true that MANY movie makers are concerned mostly with financial gain, there are MANY who are truly concerned with the terrible conditions under which the Burmese people and especially the ethnic Shan people of the North live. Indeed, to say that “the West should concentrate on their own problems instead of sticking their nose where they don’t belong”, I believe the opposite should be true! WHEREVER in the world there exist cruel and murderous regimes/governments, where there is oppression, rape, murder and injustice carried out by agents of such regimes, as THE WORlD KNOWS to be true in Burma, it should be the concern, not only of Western countries but indeed of ALL countries to do all that is possible to ensure freedom for the people of Burma. For a short period of time, as thousands of Buddhist monks marched in protest against the cruelty of the Military regime in Burma, many of whom were slaughtered in the streets and their temples destroyed because of it, the world watched in horror; unfortunately, and it still amazes me how, news coverage turned it’s head the other way and POLITICS allowed the brutal crackdown to continue, a indeed it does today! So if there is ANY comment to be made regarding financial gain, I dare say it should not be directed at the makers of this movie but at most governments and politicians throughout the world, both Western AND Eastern, AND the United Nations, that have NOT done more to help the Burmese people in their desperate desire for liberty, freedom and an end to their suffering. Could it be that Burma does not have enough natural wealth to justify such action by the outside world? I don’t know! But I hope that, as the world becomes an ever smaller place, theoretically speaking of course, and with more communication available, in spite of such tyrannical governments attempts to stop it, as we’ve seen in Syria recently, AND as we recognize more and more our interconnectedness, that ALL people will indeed stand up for the Burmese people and that we can see an end to such cruel leaders/dictators the world over. May ALL beings be happy and free from suffering.

    • true

      I agree what Aren say. Whether Western or Eastern, how to carry on daily life suffer in silent ? As per G Chin’s, let Burmese people suffer themselve, why Western need to care ? If people around the world think themself HUMAN, will put up sincerely . My opinion is concerning from West is fake or not, something are still come out. What are they doing those neighbouring of Burma? . We, no need to involve in other country’s affairs.Just get benefit for business. This is Eastern country’s response.