The Last Airbender Trailer

The Last Airbender MovieThe first teaser trailer of The Last Airbender has been released, you may watch it here below:

Last Airbender Movie Trailer


From M Night Shyamalan

Next Summer

“The story follows the adventures of Aang, a ten year old successor to a long line of Avatars, who must put his childhood ways aside and stop the Fire Nation from enslaving the Water, Earth and Air nations.”

The movie The Last Aibender is adapted from the animated series of the Avatar that aired on Nicklelodeon. The film is directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

Judging from what we see I’d say that Shyamalan’s take on Avatar The Last Airbender is going to be a bit darker than the animated series. But M. Night Shyamalan stated that he was doing the movie for a large public so it won’t diverge by too much. Love the boats from the Fire nation:

I’m impressed by the skills in martial arts of Noah Ringer who plays the role of Aang the Avatar:

And I’m definitely found of Noah Ringer as Aang the Avatar! He looks damn great!

So impatient to watch he Last Airbender movie!

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  1. Someone

    LOVED the trailer. Just one thing though. If you’re going to place up a summary based on an already made show with dedicated fans, make sure you get it right. Aang isn’t 10. He’s 12 biologically. He was in suspended animation for 100 years, so he technically is 112.

  2. thaMC

    Most people probably won’t notice that. But, I agree, great trailer.

  3. iszaham

    Love the trailer. Looks like it’s going to be an epic movie of Avatar, I mean the last airbender (NOT James Cameron’s Avatar). So far Noah Ringer, looks amazing he’s perfect for the part. The last scene with the Fire Nation ships looks great. Redemption from M Night Shyamalan.

  4. ziracause

    nice trailer :)
    do u know when is the release date?

  5. awsed24

    nice trailer. i think they casted Aang pretty well. can’t wait fer the rest!

    according 2 imdb, release date is July 2 2010.

    one question: where will that footage appear in the movie? it doesn’t fit with anywhere i can think of from season 1 of avatar. the only place i remember seeing that many ships was the siege of the north 1 & 2. could it be before Aang’s suspended animation? but then shyamalan would have too tweak the story, because Aang didn’t run away from the fire nation, he ran away from the avatar’s responsibility. he didn’t find out that the Airbenders were attacked til “the southern air temple”

  6. iszaham

    The Last Airbender teaser poster:

  7. ash

    omg this is the best trailer i am a huge avatar fan and i think that this isn’t a real scene but is two scenes stringed together for the trailer because they haven’t made the whole movie yet just parts of it. i am happy with the choice of Noah Ringer but he needs to be goofy and loving too as well as marshal arts. he looks great with the airbending and marshal arts. i reckon this will be a great movie

  8. flarglepuf

    Umm, plot summary is a bit off. Besides Aang’s age, the fire nation has already killed off the entire air nation, I don’t think enslaving them is one of their top concerns.


    Please don’t mess this up shyamalan PLEASE I love how Avatar is and i think it shouldnt change one bit. I already notice some changes, like the fire nations clothing if you dont believe me look at some pics of zuko the fire nations outfits look way different where’d the fur coat come from thats highly flamable by the way haha… didnt they have pointy shoulder guards?? I am a huge avatar fan and trust me I know my stuff!

  10. Avatar...

    First off I would like to say that I am also a huge Avatar fan. Like the GAang rocks.
    However I will not never ever see this movie in theatres. From the casting to the clothing design to the message of the film itself, I hate it. And I believe I don’t have to apologize on my part. M. Night has turned black into white, day into night and everything is so wrong I want to cry and bash my head on my laptop every time I see this trailer. I want cry when I see the happiness and the humanity and most importantly, the color drained from Aang. I want to scream when I see the Indian Fire Nation. When I see Price Zuko and the gum paste that is trying to pass as his scar, I am inconceivably saddened by the fact that he is no longer Zuko. When I see the Water Tribe, I just want to laugh…so i won’t puke. They are no longer the Water Tribe of Avatar The Last Airbender. Fun, spirit, emotional, enduring, colorful in blue…and now they are pale and ghostly.
    I will not endorse this trash as a remake or even as an “adaptation” of the original series.

  11. thaMC

    Avatar… :
    You have seen absolutely nothing of the actual acting in the movie, which is almost all of your complaints. How can you pass judgement so soon? If those are the reasons you will not see this movie, then it’s obvious you decided whether or not to see this movie long before now.

  12. Jessica

    he plays the perfect avatar!
    loves it

  13. Alvan

    I agree on the fact that the trailer kicks tail. If Noah Ringer could capture the innocent, fun, and loving person Aang is like he have from what i have seen captured the meditation slight serious bit… (As Iszaham wrote) he is then indeed the perfect Aang.. And the Set is pretty much as the ani. same goes for the fire nation ships. I cant wait to see the movie, Let’s just hope that katara, Sokka, Prince Zuko and the rest has some similarities, and that they do not forget momo…

  14. Rawrbaby

    Love the trailor, love Aang. But! What’s with white Katara & Sokka? If anything, they should’ve gotten a darker Katara and switch Zuko and Sokka! Patel [IDK his name.] looks more like Sokka to me. All he needs is a pony tail! -^^-

  15. adam

    wtf, the scene in the trailer wasn’t even in the movie

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