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Check out the official plot synopsis of The Last Full Measure, the upcoming war drama movie written and directed by Todd Robinson:

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Plot synopsis::
“This is the true story of William Pitsenbarger, a war hero of the highest order, an Air Force medic who personally saved over 60 men, before being killed in the bloodiest battle of the Vietnam War. Given the chance to escape on the last helicopter out of the battlefield, Pitsenbarger remained to save and defend all those soldiers who were left, but was eventually killed by an enemy bullet, sacrificing his own life for his comrades. For his heroic deeds, Pitsenbarger was awarded the highest military honor a soldier could get, the Congressional Medal of Honor. This medal is awarded for personal acts of valor, above and beyond, the call of duty. But before Pitsenbarger was given the medal, it was taken away from him for unknown, but seemingly political reasons.
THE LAST FULL MEASURE is the touching story of Pitsenbarger’s father (Christopher Plummer) who together with all survivors of the Vietnam battle petitioned the government to give this fallen war hero the medal he so well deserved. Investigator Scott Huffman (Sebastian Stan) is assigned to the case to investigate the reason for this grave injustice. During his research, Scott begins to discover the private and political reasons why certain corrupt politicians denied Pitsenbarger’s medal. Scott personally visits a number of the survivors of that terrible battle, all of whom unite for a march on Washington to give back to William Pitsenbarger the honor that has been so ingloriously taken from him. Driven by their conviction, Huffman and Pitsenbarger’s friends and family reclaim his well deserved award in an emotional outpouring that honored this truly great man. To this day, he remains only of 1 of 2 enlisted airmen to ever receive such an honor..”

The cast includes Grant Gustin , Samuyel L. Jackson, Christopher Plummer, Sebastian Stan, Brittany Snow, Diane Ladd, Laurence Fishburne, Linus Roache, Bradley Whitford, William Hurt, John Savage, Max Gail, Byron Mann, Dale Dye, Travis Aaron Wade, and Julian Adams.

The film has yet to get an official release date.

Learn more about William Pitsenbarger in this video from the official youtube channel of the Air Force Profession of Arms Center of Excellence (PACE):

Portraits in Courage – William Pitsenbarger: Medal of Honor recipient

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie The Last Full Measure.

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  1. Melody Connon

    Hi My name is Melody. My Dad was the one who lowered pitts to the ground after he was strapped down with first aide kits and one in his mouth. He gave my Dad the thumbs up and my Dad lowered him down. He knew he would never see him again and it kept him up that night. My Dad Richard Connon also saved Pitts off a land mine earlier that month. My Dad thought , what if he had never saved Pitts off that mine. All those guys would have died. Thank you Pitts. That was so selfless. Please keep me informed on this movie. My Dad passed away and I can’t wait to see the movie. I have heard all the stories. ~ Melody

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