The Last Knights Movie starring Clive Owen and Morgan Freeman

Here’s a first official look at The Last Knights, an upcoming action adventure movie directed by Japanese Filmmaker Kazuaki Kiriya and starring Clive Owen, Morgan Freeman, Cliff Curtis, and Tsuyoshi Ihara:

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“A knight seeks vengeance when his lord is unjustly executed by a tyrannical emperor.
Knight’s commander RAIDEN (Clive Owen) receives an honor above all else when BARTOK (Morgan Freeman), his childless lord, names him as his heir. But his happiness is destroyed when the emperor’s evil emissary MOTT (Aksel Hennie) forces him to behead his surrogate father, and casts him and his men out of their castle divested of all titles and livelihood.
But even as the paranoid Mott seeks to erase any trace of the Bartok’s clan and legacy, Raiden secretly conspires an audacious plan to infiltrate Mott’s impenetrable fortes and exact revenge.”

And here’s a teaser poster:

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From the plot synopsis it definitely sounds like the story of the film was heavily inspired by the Japanese story of the 47 Ronin. So is it just yet new take on the same story but with a different setting? Anywya, since it’s starring Clive Owen and Morgan Freeman, I’ll give it a try!

The film has yet to get an official release date.

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  1. Maria S. Camacho

    I have been looking out for the reiease of the movie The Last Knights and I have not seen anything. It was set to be released in2014. What has happened?