The Lego Movie 2 Directed by Chris McKay

We already told you that a sequel to The Lego movie was under works. And that Jared Stern and Michelle Morgan have been hired to pen a script. But we were wondering if Phil Lord and Christopher Miller would return to helm the sequel. Well, now we have confirmation that they won’t. Chris McKay is indeed taking over the director’s seat. Don’t worry, the chap is no newcomer to the world of Lego: he was animation co-director of the first Lego movie.

I guess this means we may expect some continuity with the feel and the spirit of the first film. But the release date is still far off: the Lego Movie 2 is indeed set to hit theaters on May 26, 2017. So, much can still happen before then.

Anyway, stay tuned with us for more information about the Lego Movie 2 as details emerge online.

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