The Light of the Moon Movie Poster

Two posters for The Light of the Moon, the upcoming romantic drama movie written and directed by Jessica M. Thompson:

(Click on a poster to enlarge.)


One night can change your life forever.

Plot synopsis:
“Bonnie (Stephanie Beatriz) – a young, successful Latino architect – is walking home from an evening out with friends in Brooklyn, when she is sexually assaulted. At first, Bonnie attempts to keep the assault a secret from her long-term boyfriend, Matt (Michael Stahl-David), but the truth soon emerges. Bonnie emphatically denies the impact of what has happened to her and fights to regain normalcy and control of her life. Despite her attempts to regain the intimacy she once had with Matt, cracks soon begin to surface in their relationship. Another attack in the neighborhood only drives Bonnie further into denial, before an encounter with an at-risk woman causes Bonnie to face the truth and confront her own self-blame.”

We also spotted a new series of pictures from the film:

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No official release date yet.

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