The Lodgers Movie trailer

The LodgersCheck out the first official trailer of The Lodgers, the upcoming horror movie directed by Brian O’Malley and starring Bill Milner, Charlotte Vega, David Bradley, Eugene Simon, and Moe Dunford:


Be in bed by midnight’s bell.
Never let a stranger through your door.
Never leave each other all alone.

Plot synopsis:
“The story of a sister and brother (Charlotte Vega and Bill Milner) haunted by a secret curse that forces them to remain in the large estate home left to them by their dead parents. But when a young man (Eugene Simon) who falls in love with the sister tries to free her, his attempt sets off a deadly chain reaction.”

The house is so creepy… Just burn down the whole place for God’s sake! Anyway, scary film film ahead!

No official release date yet.

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