The Mechanic Movie

A remake of The Mechanic, the 1972 action movie starring Charles Bronson, is under works. The new Mechanic movie is directed by Simon West and is starring Jason Statham in the lead role. It is scheduled for a release on December 15, 2010.

Here below the first official teaser poster of The Mechanic:

(Click on the poster to enlarge it.)

The Mechanic Movie

“A spy thriller in a post 9/11 world.” (Source: IMDb)

I think it won’t be difficult for this new version of The Mechanic to look better than the cheesy 1972 movie.

To get an idea how cheesy the 1972 movie was, just check out this original Mechanic movie trailer:


Yep, I’d rather watch the new Mechanic movie starring Jason Statham than this old junk movie starring Charles Bronson!

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  1. wizzarddrummer


    1972 was a good year for those of us alive. Led Zeppelin was still around, Santana and many great musicians were putting out great stuff … and don’t forget Vietnam!

    Well, for its day, the Mechanic was a decent movie.

    There are only a handful of movies and television shows that stand the test of time and escape the “Cheeeeezy” or “Junk” catagory.

    I recently watched some old Superman, Man from Uncle, Woman from Uncle, Lost in Space and (sadly) one of my favorites Sea Hunt to name a few.

    What was exciting and cutting edge in the past has, in most cases, degenerated into cheese.

    With the level of cheese on just these few shows you could wipe out any cheese factory on the planet today.

  2. Virgil

    I remember seeing the original Mechanic and enjoyed it very much. But its time itself that makes a movie or tv series cheesy. Its the reason that western and old swashbuckler movie are not more popular today, Pirates of Caribbean are not popular for their historical action but for the fantasy part of the series.

    The problem with most older movies was the exaggeration that was used so much in those older movies. Remember like it said in that trailer Charles Bronson was the highest paid actor in the world at that time. Clint Eastwood was hired for Fist Full of Dollars because Charles Bronson would cost to much he CE was paid $25,000 for that movie, $75,000 for A Few Dollar More, and $250,000 plus percentage for The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.

    I will see this new one and enjoy it very much because I like Jason Statham. I think career wise Jason will end his career a better actor then Charles Bronson.

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