The Proposal Movie Trailer

The Proposal Movie

The Proposal is an upcoming romantic comedy movie directed by Anne Fletcher. It is starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. It should be released on June 12, 2009.


This is Andrew
He is very late
Margaret is Andrew’s boss
Margaret has a problem
Andrew is the solution

This Summer

“Sandra Bullock stars as a book editor, who forces her assistant Ryan Reynolds to marry her in order to avoid being deported to Canada. When the government investigates, she and her assistant are forced to spend the weekend with his parents in order to sell the lie.” (Source: Wikipedia)

Two likable actors in a nice combination of comedy and romance: The Proposal sounds good! It will be a nice Summer 2009 movie.

One thing though: could daily-life dominatrices be trendy in Hollywood? The movie New In Town is also about a woman of power who falls in love with a ‘lower-class’ man!

No need to threat me to make a proposal to Sandra Bullock! First, would just have to convince my wife that bigamy isn’t a big deal… Er, finally, sorry Sandra Bullock, my wife would never accept it,.. So sad, but really can’t make the proposal…

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