The Proposal Preview Clips

The ProposalNowadays a girl does not have to wait for her boyfriend to propose her: she can propose him first indeed!

Below some more preview clips of the upcoming romantic comedy movie The Proposal:

We are going to Alaska
Margaret (Sandra Bullock) and Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) talk to the INS.

“Sandra Bullock stars as a book editor, who forces her assistant Ryan Reynolds to marry her in order to avoid being deported to Canada. When the government investigates, she and her assistant are forced to spend the weekend with his parents in order to sell the lie.”

You think that this INS agent is nosy, just imagine how it is with an agent from the IRS… Believe me: much worse!

More Proposal preview clips are waiting for you below:

Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) gets shown around the Paxton house.

Margaret (Sandra Bullock) and Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) pretend to be a happy couple.

Wash and wear
Margaret (Sandra Bullock) is a picky eater.

Margaret (Sandra Bullock) gets fitted for a wedding dress.

Don’t miss a good laugh with the Proposal!

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