The Purge 2 Movie – Sequel to The Purge

The Purge, the horror thriller movie starring Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey, has hit US theaters and has been doing more than well. So it’s no wonder to hear that they’re now planning a sequel to the film. Yep, they’re going to develop The Purge 2.

The first film was produced by Blumhouse, the company behind the “Paranormal Activity” movies, a company used to transform low-budget films into profit-machine franchises. They have already applied for a California tax break on a sequel and have confirmed via their twitter account that The Purge 2 is indeed in development.

The ending of the first film and the overall concept definitely grant a sequel. Unfortunately Actor Ethan Hawke is unlikely to return since the character he plays was fatally stabbed with a machete in the first film. But the sequel could focus on his wife who’s a real survivor. Or The Purge 2 could also move to a new location with a new group of characters.

Maybe you have suggestion regarding the possible plot of The Purge 2? What do you think would be best for the sequel? Share your thoughts below!

Anyway, stay tuned with us for more details about The Purge 2 movie!

9 Responses - “The Purge 2 Movie – Sequel to The Purge”

  1. Hector

    What I think would be a good plot for The Purge II is a prequel explaining how the idea came to be showing who the new founding fathers are and how the first purge went down. That’s just what i would like to see

  2. Moriah

    They should focus on his wife and children.

  3. will

    they should show live feeds around the country of the purge or have some one go through the night on the streets from the camera view the project x and end of watch was shot

  4. Cameron akroyd

    I think part 2 should be about his wife gettin revenge on her neighbours for wat they did and think that black guy should be in sequel aswell

  5. Richii Thall

    I think the Purge 2 will focus on the following year. The look on the boy’s face, as well as the surprise ambush by the soldier really pulled a cliffhanger on us. I also think that it will go more in depth with the purge around the world, if not, I think it should.

  6. Hank

    A different group in a different state.

  7. callum

    Thanks for spoilers I was going to watch that tonight

  8. Mark

    I agree with the idea of a prequel showing the “New Founding Fathers” and who would proceed them.. who would be before these new founding fathers.. Who would they be, maybe a tyrannical socialist government such as our current government or that would closely resemble the ones we currently have in place. In order to really wake people up. the idea that Marshal Law had been called into effect for the “betterment” of the country.. showing it fail.. and that more government, a police state, militarization of the local police… showing that all fail thus opening the door to “The Purge” as being a way to “Cleanse” the country opening the door for a new kind of government… less government, more people