The Reader Kate Winslet and David Kross

Two new pictures of The Reader have shown up, here they are:

The Reader Movie

Kate Winslet and David Kross in The Reader

Kate Winslet is getting naked in The Reader

No wonder that such a woman would mark the memory of this young man for the rest of his life! Both the character and the actor will be marked actually: lucky David Kross to be so intimate with Kate Winslet.

8 Responses - “The Reader Kate Winslet and David Kross”

  1. Deb

    Stunning movie. The subtle nuances are so varied and many, I will have to see this movie a second time to really grasp its powerful spell. It’s Kate Winslet’s year for that Oscar. Davie Kross resembles a young Val Kilmer from days gone by, and mesmerizes in his performance.

  2. David

    Extraordinary, excellent movie. Very thought provoking.

    If the character of the adolescent young man in the movie had been a girl, and Kate Winslet a man, the situation would definitely be considered sexual abuse — if the situation is not considered sexual abuse by viewers now. Kate Winslet’s character clearly caused great turmoil for the young man’s entire life.

  3. CryingEyes

    Great Movie. Had made me ponder about the woman in my life that is also older than me. So touching and so emotional and really does move ones feelings.

    I do not think Hanna, Kate Winslet, in the movie scarred the young Mike, and caused turmoil in his life. I think that he loved her, and did not expect her departure. He realized she meant everything to him.

    Really touching movie.

  4. brittany

    this move is so freaking awesome i love the whole forbidden thing i think he is like freaking SEXY! that’s right i said it

  5. natilia

    David reminds me of the late Heath Ledger. Excellent movie.

  6. Overthewater

    I think David looks like Heath Ledger too! Wonderful, poignant movie. In life, there are no room for regrets.

  7. Alex Myers

    An extremely moving and powerful film. Kate well and trully deserved the Oscar and other awards for this her finest screen role.

  8. adela

    i love David Kross in this movie! Certainly the most promising actor! The story is also very touching… Me and my bf really like it.