The Reader Movie Trailer

Reading is a sensual activity: read for your girlfriend! - The Reader

A first trailer of the Reader, upcoming movie starring Kate Winslet, Ralph Fiennes and David Kross, has been released.

The Reader Official Trailer

The Reader, directed by Stephen Daldry, is based a bestseller German novel (Der Vorleser, The Reader) written by by Bernhard Schlink. It is about a a young man’s decades-long obsession with an older woman.

Lucky David Kross to get so close to Kate Winslet!

2 Responses - “The Reader Movie Trailer”

  1. musichyper

    I’m quite fond of this film and all its dramatic glory. The suspense of what unfolds is shocking. I really enjoyed it.

    I Hyped The Reader on Everhype and gave it 91% which I think is fairly accurate.

    I wouldn’t mind getting some opinions on it .

  2. bess bly

    When & where will THE READER (movie) be released & at what theater in my area (Peninsula, San Mateo or Palo Alto)? Thanks.

    Bess Bly