The Sea of Trees Movie starring Matthew McConaughey and Ken Watanabe

Here’s a first official look at Matthew McConaughey and Ken Watanabe in The Sea of Trees, the upcoming drama mystery movie directed by Gus Van Sant from a script by Chris Sparling:

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“A story about an American man (Matthew McConaughey) who travels to the Suicide Forest (Aokigahara forest) to kill himself at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan, the site of numerous suicides. There he encounters a Japanese man (Ken Watanabe), who wants to kill himself as well and then both men begin a journey of self-reflection and survival.”

Do you think suicide is wrong? Or is it a rational option? Share your thoughts below!

The film should be released sometime in 2015.

3 Responses - “The Sea of Trees Movie starring Matthew McConaughey and Ken Watanabe”

  1. Hilda Jensen

    No , it should never be an option finding self determination, staying strong to work through problems is. Stay strong!

  2. LadyDeerHeart

    It is most definitely a rational option in some cases. You can not say “work through it” to a terminal illness! If you’ve never contemplated suicide then you’ve denied yourself the chance to explore your dark side. If you are healthy, then contemplating is all you should do.

  3. Monni Conley

    as a Life Coach I see many young people that want to kill themselves for trivial reasons . I have seen parents of their children that have commited suicide. I feel people should talk it over with others to help see how their decision can be turned around .not with parents , but with like minded others . I’ve seen that work . So sad ! I hope many of these people can be helped by watching the Sea of Trees, thank you

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