The Smurfs 3 Movie

From what I read here and there the third movie in the Smurfs franchise is set to be an animated movie. The two previous movie involved CG characters in a live setting, but the new film will all CG animated.

Smurfs 3 Trailer

And the Smurfs 3 should go back to the origins of the Smurfs. Director Kelly Asbury (who helmed “Shrek 2” and “Gnomeo and Juliet”) is set to helm the project. A few words from the director:

“I’m really excited about taking the Smurfs in a completely new fresh direction. We’re not making a Smurfs 3 film. Our character designs and environments will be stylistically closer to the original artwork created by Peyo. Our story will explore the beginnings of the beloved little blue creatures in a fun full CG animated comedy-adventure for every generation to enjoy.”

Director Director Kelly Asbury

What do you think of the new direction taken by the Smurfs franchise? Are you glad to hear about this CG reboot of the franchise? Or where you hoping for direct sequel combining live-action and CG animation? Share your thoughts below!

The release date of the Smurfs 3 is set to August 14, 2015.

Anyway, stay tuned with us for more details about the Smurfs 3!

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  1. Chris

    I’ve always have been a fan of The Smurfs since wow 1982!? So I’m hoping that this movie will be great!