The Time War Movie – What if Hitler had invented time travel?

The Time War MovieHere’s a first official look at The Time War, the upcoming science-fiction action thriller movie written and directed by Neil Johnson and starring Tracey Birdsall, Daniel Logan, William Kircher, Stephen Manley, Aaron jacques, and Christopher Lee (narrator):

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The Time War Movie

Plot synopsis:
“In 1916 a young Adolf Hitler discovers an ancient technology that enables him to travel through time and change the course of history.
He creates the Third Reich, and by 1940, the free world has surrendered to the Nazi Empire.
For decades, humanity is enslaved under their oppressive rule, until Hitler’s own off-spring will rise up against him.
They will steal the time travel technology, and go back in to re-write the future… waging an epic battle that could end civilization.
The time War: the war to end all wars!”

We also spotted a teaser poster:

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The Time War Teaser Poster

What if Hitler had invented time travel?

The cast:
– Tracey Birdsall as Dijanne;
– William Kircher as Cyrano;
– Stephen Manley as Adolf Hitler;
– Aaron Jacques as Jesus Christ (WTF?);
– Daniel Logan as Mordred;
– and Christopher Lee as the narrator (voice).

No official release date yet. Stay tuned for updates.

Update – Three additional behind-the-scenes pictures:

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The Time War Set Pic - Tracey BirdsallThe Time War Set Pic - HitlerThe Time War - Jesus


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