The Unkindness of Ravens Movie trailer

The Unkindness Of Ravens movieLet’s watch the official trailer of The Unkindness of Ravens, the latest horror drama movie directed by Lawrie Brewster based on a script by Sarah Daly and starring Amanda Gilliland, Benjamin Ferguson, D.T. Wilson, Daniel Casey, David Izatt, Dougie Clark, Jamie Scott Gordon, Keith Robson, and Michael Brewster:

Plot synopsis:
“Andrew (Jamie Scott Gordon) is a homeless war veteran that has been experiencing terrifying flashbacks of his time in the Army, flashbacks that contain visions of imposing raven-like creatures. These flashbacks are so intimidating that Andrew has developed a phobia of ravens and as a result he travels to a retreat in the Scottish Highlands to come to terms with his past and his fears. However he soon discovers that this is easier said than done, as this move will bring him face to face with a supernatural force known only as the Raven Warriors.”

There’s also a film poster, take a look below:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)


Do you think ravens are evil birds?

The film is available on the site of Hex Media.

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