Trailer and Poster of The Unseen

The Unseen FilmTwo new trailers for The Unseen, the latest action science-fiction thriller movie written and directed by Geoff Redknap and starring Aden Young, Camille Sullivan, and Julia Sarah Stone:


Plot synopsis;
“In a modern retelling of the classic The Invisible Man, The Unseen is about Bob Langmore (Aden Young) a former hockey player, now a struggling mill worker who years earlier mysteriously abandoned his family and isolated himself in a small northern town. He returns for one last chance to reconnect with his troubled daughter Eva (Julia Sarah Stone) but must partner with Crisby (Ben Cotton) a strung-out animal trafficker, to finance the trip. When he discovers Eva is missing, Bob will risk everything to find her including exposing the secret that he is becoming invisible.”

Hopefully he will manage to save hi daughter!

There are also two new film posters:

(Click on a poster to enlarge.)

The Unseen New Film Poster

Invisible man. Visible curse.

The film is already available on VOD is some foreign markets and it will have a theatrical released in Canada in July, but still no official US release date yet.

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