The Unwilling Movie

We just spotted this new poster of The Unwilling, the upcoming thriller movie directed by Jonathan Heap:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)


Careful what you wish for…

A film by Jonathan Heap.

Plot synopsis:
“When five relatives come to the perfectly ordered home of David Harris, a shut in, to hear the reading of the will of his hated father, they are surprised by the delivery of an old antique box. Once activated, the box starts to reveal special items to each one in turn, which lead to surprising and mysterious deaths. As each person succumbs to the box’s mysterious hold on them, David fears his father’s dangerous spirit has returned from the dead demanding retribution. But he soon realizes something far more ancient and terrifying has invaded his protected home, and if he can’t solve the puzzle of the devilish box, he will surely die with the rest of them, all entombed in his house forever.”

Just throw that damn box away for God’s sake! It’s evil!

Here’s the movie trailer of The Unwilling if you haven’t seen it yet:

The cast includes David Lipper, Dina Meyers, Lance Hendriksen, Robert Rusler, Bree Williamson, Jake Thomas, and Austin Highsmith.

No official release date.

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