The Year One Movie Trailer

The Year One Movie - Super Bowl TrailerThe movie trailer of The Year One, upcoming by comedy directed by Harold Ramis starring Jack Black and Michael Cera, has aired during the Super Bowl:

The Year One is a comedy set in a biblical environment. The whole thing has a Monti Python feel according to Jack black.

“Year One is a biblical comedy. It’s about the old testament. I’m just a dude wandering through biblical times. I’m not a famous character that you would have heard of before. Me and Michael Cera are just sort of wandering through, and you get to see all these old stories from the Torah, told through Agnostic, sort of, eyes.”

Jack Black

Some religious bigots may get pissed off by The Year One, but Holy Crap, with Jack Black in the cast, I bet the movie is going to be damn funny.

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