Thor Movie Postponed To 2010

Marvel Studios recently announced that the movie Thor will will be postponed from 2009 to June 4th, 2010.

Update 1 – The new release date is: May 6, 2011

Update 2 – Looking for the comic con trailer of Thor, aren’t you? :) Well we don’t have the video, but we do have the audio track of that movie trailer of Thor, listen below until we get the full thing:

Update 3 – The full Thor trailer has leaked online on Trailer Addict:

Video Taken Down

But the Russian site Kino Govno is still showing it –>here


More at: Thor Movie

So sad… So long to wait for this Thor movie, official release of Thor in June 2010: that’s so far! Iron Man was so well done: I want more of such Marvel movies!

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  1. Cedric Owens

    Hello people why would u look for anyone to play thor other than triple h from the wwe. I’ve been a huge fan of the THOR series since my early childhood & would really love for an actual thor movie to be done right. Triple H has the perfect height, build, hair, and face.

  2. ~J~

    the only problem is i don’t think hhh can act, we only have one film and his wwe career to base this off of. so with that said, we all know that wwe is fake and so is the acting anyone can see through it, and as for blade trinity that whole movie was horrible. i agree he looks the part but i don’t feel he could deliver on the accent and what appears to be delusional speech( i know he talks the way he does because he is the real god of thunder but none of the other characters believe it until much later on in their teamed up career).

  3. Heroe

    I think triple h should play thor cuz he does look like him and they wont need to get someone else to look like thor. If they do then that guy would look weird and it would be a waste of time.

  4. ME


  5. Marc Cavalli

    How about Tyler Mane (Halloween, X-Men, Troy) to play Thor?

  6. cb

    looks can be deceiving!! Triple H would most definitely not do a good Thor you cant go by looks you have to be able to act!!! How about the guy out of 300 and failure to launch? He has the body hair and definitely the attitude and he can actually act!!!

  7. Ray

    I named my son ,who is now four months, Thor and if Triple H plays Thor I will change his name to Hulk. Triple H will take away any crediabilty from the movie and make it cheezie.

  8. wolverine

    I think you’re all bumb, you’re not paying for it so let the ones who are worry about it.
    No one wants your opinion you’re nothing but a bunch of scene kids anyway!

  9. alfather

    find a shakespearean actor pump him up grow his blond colored hair

  10. Jersey Jeff

    I would make Thor come to life on the big screen. I am 6′ (tall for hollwwood) 285# in the gym twice a day. In highland games and strongman competitions and above all I know thor

  11. Jay

    I think Triple H has an amazing look for Thor. He’s got the entire Scandinavian look down. But I’m agreeing with ~J~, can he really act? As much of an action flick Thor promises to be, there has to be a little bit of theatre that goes along with that particular role, and I doubt HHH has that. Again, the look is spot-on, but the acting…?

  12. thor

    triple h will be a good thor but he or the people on the set will work with his voice if no i don’t know who look and chris doesn’t have the body to be thor…
    thor all day! The Number 1 of the greatest heroes of all time is Thor god of thunder, he can beat iron man!

  13. Vlad

    Triple H would be a much better choice for Thor. That Chris guy doesn’t have any muscle and looks like a fag. Triple H could be a pretty good actor. I’ve never even heard of the other guy! Plus theres alot of WWE fans out there…

  14. pelle

    what is time to an immortal…just don’t disappoint me, my wrath is awesome to behold

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