Thor Movie

Live-action Thor MovieLooks like Marvel and Director Kenneth Branagh are well decided to bring us a Thor movie. Indeed we’ve got confirmation of their intent thanks to a casting call notice for Thor that leaked online:

Thor Movie Cast

Thor's Hammer

Physically powerful, very handsome, occasionally egotistical, petulant, and wild. A natural warrior with a quick charming wit who must be genuinely and severely humbled before becoming the compassionate, mature her of our film.”

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The movie Thor is tentatively scheduled for July 2011.

Do you feel you could be fit enough to handle Thor’s hammer? Or what actor would be the best choice to epitomize the Thunder God? Should we see a brand new actor as the Mighty Thor?

3 Responses - “Thor Movie”

  1. derek perry

    im a real warrior and i know how it goes… i know what loyalty is and don’t disregard guidance as long as the men or people under me understand…. i know how i used to look up to thor and captain America and would love to be that role model for younger Americans… that’s exactly what they need… i don’t care about what kind of money is flaunted… i just want to influence young Americans so i can be what they need most…. A HERO

    Contact me here through this site, i am a marine, a infantry marine…. contact me first before anything…. i’ll serve the purpose right

    i am humble thanks to my father as a preacher but i am 6 feet 170 lbs and very,very fit… and if you don’t think i’m a witty talker i have a phone book of female counterparts that will tell you different… but usually i am told i am an ass hole because i tell too much of the truth……

  2. Ken

    James Preston Rogers is good choice for the role of the mighty god of thunder. He has the stature and talent to portray Thor on the big screen. You should really consider him for the part.

  3. Dreuz

    Alex Skarsgard is custom made for this role.The guy even looks like a viking warrior not to mention meeting all the criteria.