Tonight She Comes Movie Poster

Take a look to this new poster of Tonight She Comes, the upcoming horror movie written and directed by Matt Stuertz:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)


Everyone else will die.

Plot synopsis:
“After a girl goes missing, two of her friends and a mysterious set of strangers find themselves drawn to the cabin in the woods where she disappeared. They will laugh, they will drink, they will kiss, they will make love, and THEY MUST ALL DIE.”

I do dig the vintage artwork look of this poster. And you?

Anyway, here’s the movie trailer of Tonight She Comes if you haven’t seen it yet:

The cast includes Nathan Eswine, Larissa White, Jenna McDonald, Brock Russell, Cameisha Cotton, Adam Hartley, Dal Nicole, and Frankie Ray.

Still no official US release date (but the film is set to have its world premiere on October 9th at GRIMMFEST in Manchester, UK).

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