Tony Jaa Ong Bak 3

A new movie poster of Ong Bak 3, the new Ong Bak movie sequel starring Tony Jaa, has been unveiled during the last American Film market:

(Click on the poster to enlarge it.)

Ong Bak 3 movie with Tony JaaONG BAK 3

The biggest fight of all is with himself

Sahamongkol Films also released the following plot details about the new film:

Plot of Ong Bak 3:
“The legend of Ong Bak 3 begins after Tien (Tony Jaa) has lost his fighting skills and his beloved step-father at the Garuda’s Wing cliff from the raid led by Jom Rachan (Saranyu Wonggrajang). Tien is brought back to life with the help from Pim (Primrata Dechudom) as well as Mhen (Petchai Wongkamlao) and the Kana Khone villagers. Deep into the meditation taught by Phra Bua (Nirutti Sirijanya), Tien finally is able to achieve ‘Nathayut’. His talents are put to the test again when his rivals including the Golden-Armored King’s Guard (Supakorn ‘Tok’ Kijusuwan), the mysterious killers in black, and Bhuti Sangkha (Dan Chupong) return for the final massive showdown.”

So as promised, Ong Bak 3 will be a direct movie sequel to Ong Bak 2! I wonder how they’re gonna close the loop with the first Ong Bak movie. Maybe in they’ll focus on that in Ong Bak 4?

Anyway, here’s a short video in which Tony Jaa briefly speaks about Ong Bak 3:

So, Ong Bak 3 will show elements from the Khmer culture (Cambodian culture) like apsara dance. I don’t mind as long as Tony Jaa still shows off his martial arts skills in the movie Ong Bak 3!

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