Tooth Fairy Preview Clip

Tooth Fairy MovieYou may watch below a new series of Tooth Fairy, the upcoming fantasy comedy starring Dwayne Johnson:

Tooth Fairy – Surprise

More clips of the Tooth Fairy below:

Tooth Fairy – Fairy Duty

Tooth Fairy – I need more stuff!

Tooth Fairy – Bathroom

To be a tooth fairy is no easy job!

One Response - “Tooth Fairy Preview Clip”

  1. Poter

    Ok the plot sucks, the whole idea about toothfairyland, and the sexual undertones..

    But other then that, its actually really fun. The jokes make up for the total lack of a reasonable rational plot.

    I would really have enjoyed watching a version of this, without the whole toothfairy part. The side-plot, about Dwayne Johnson as the veteran hockey player, who is starting to lose it, but gets a comeback when he regains his faith, would actually be a kick-ass story without the toothfairy crap.