TR2N Trailer Tron 2 Better Version

TR2N - Tron 2Thanks to the hard work of a video genius we now have a better version of the trailer of TR2N, aka TRON 2:

Tron 2 Trailer

This new Tron 2 trailer convinces me more that this science fiction movie is going to be great! How marvelous are those light cycles!

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  1. Filmstalker

    Yeah, that’ll be Steve, one of my readers who took the footage I first posted and cleaned it up for us. Credit where credit is due.

    It does look fantastic.

  2. Tron 2 Trailer

    Talking about credit should go cry your story with Disney maybe…

    Besides embedding the better video of TR2N trailer is like putting a backlink.

    So the genius genchang2112 who reworked the bootleg of Tron 2 Trailer (TR2N trailer) was already acknowledged.

    Or are you autopromoting your site?

  3. Anonymous

    tron 2 trailer … you are completely incoherent.

    trailer quality is garbage, movie looks pretty nifty.

  4. Filmstalker

    Yeah, I’m lost by that comment too.

  5. Unclemantis

    It really sucks that Disney pulled this off of YouTube. If Disney really wanted to get things going they would be more supportive of the creative that the release no matter to who.

  6. Hetoreyn

    Oh my F**king god!!!! .. This is SOOOOO cool. How long have I been waiting for this film to happen. Keeping figures crossed that all comes to fruition. Hope they get Bruce Boxleitner to make an appearance too .. not to mention get Wendy Carlos to do the score .. or Syd mead to design the film .. again :D. But I’ll be content what ever they do. Loved playing the PC Game of Tron 2.0 .. which they seem to be disregarding (which is a shame because that felt like a sequel in it’s own way). But Damn!! .. great news.

  7. Jk

    So looking forward to this film.
    have been for many years!- i have pushed people towards the first film who have never heard of it- and some don’t see the appeal- but i remind them of the year it was made and how ahead of it’s time it was.
    What a COOL film it is! I love everything about it!
    This trailer although bad quality (but probably best on the net) does make me feel that the film will kick ass!
    I love the way everyone cheered when they first saw Jeff Bridges-
    I hope they bring back a few more of the original cast- that would rule!!
    not so sure about the CGI light cycle riders though- should keep it similar to first film.
    So excited- can’t bloody wait!!!!

  8. Brian

    Dude, I am freaking obsessed with Tron, and even if this movie s**ks I’ll still love it because I’m deluded. Oh, and if you love lightcycles like I do, you should play a game called Armagetron. It’s lightcycle racing at it’s best and addictive as all hell! Man I can’t wait for this movie to come out.

  9. Andy

    I hope this will turn out good. It will be different from when i first saw Tron because i was a kid back then and now i may feel differently but im sure i will love it!
    I agree they should get Wendy Carlos back to do some of the score but i would also like to see Vangelis have his take on this because his score on Blade Runner was awesome!
    Let’s hope they don’t go all out action for the sequel.
    I hope they have some light humor as in the first movie and they keep the focus on the wow factor of “man I’m in the computer world” etc.

  10. upindalab

    Let’s just hope Disney doesn’t screw it up! This sequel will be the SH*T if done right. I was just a youngin when TRON first came out in 82. Never saw it in the theaters, but by today’s standards it’s way ahead of it’s time and looong over due for a sequel, as proclaimed in the 20th Anniversary dvd!

  11. sean

    daft punk is doing the score.

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